Our Law office grants all legal services including representation in proceedings at courts and state authorities, documents drafting, counselling, consultations, law analyses, defense in criminal cases and so on, especially in branches as follows:

Commercial law
Company laws
  Trade register
Transferring of a share in the capital of company
Transformation of commercial companies
Contractual provisions
Complaints, actions in commercial cases
Proceedings at the courts
Unfair competition and competition law
  Proceeding at the Office on Protection of Economic
Claim administration
Resolution done out of court
Arbitration procedure
Bankruptcy law
Civil law
Drafting of all kind of contracts
Consultations in civil law
Resolution done out of court
Complaints, actions in civil cases
Proceedings at the courts
Law of Inheritance
Real property
Register of landowners
Contracts of sale, lien, gift and others, consultations
Criminal law
Plea (defense) in criminal cases
Criminal application against suspects
Representation of victims and injured parties
Foreigners and immigration law
Consultation for foreigners
long-term and permanent residency
foreign capital investments
Family law
Matrimonial law
Pre-marriage treaties, treaties on reducing or enlargement of married couples´ property
Labour law
Relationships between emloyers and employees
Labour contracts
Administrative law
Memorials, written reports
Representations at all kinds of state authorities
Constitutional law
Human rights
Representation at the Constitutional court
Software and internet law
agreements on creating, distribution and using of SW, licence agreements